McNary is getting synthtic turf.  The project is underway NOW!  Follow our Facebook page for regular updates, including aerial footage thanks to McNary Media Productions.

As of today we still need to raise $75,000.00 to fund this project.  YES, it is underway, thanks to two local anonymous donors who generously loaned the ABC $100,000.00 to get it going; we have the option of paying them back just $80,000.00 of that loan if we can repay it in 12 months. Will you help us get to that goal.

Support the 2015 McNary Turf Project?  You can donate online

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OR mail a check to McNary ABC- 595 Chemawa Rd. N Keizer, OR 97303


We are always looking for new community supporters, if you are interested in sponsoring a specific team, or just athletes in general, contact us at:

Here is a banner of some of our recent and past sponsors, we are excited to share with you who we have garnered support from just in 2015!  Stay tuned for those details.

McNary Booster Thanks You