Meeting Date: August 2015
McNary Athletic Booster Club
Agenda – August 5, 2015 * 6:30PM
Keizer Chamber of Commerce Office: 6075 Ulali Dr. N (Keizer Station)
DRAFT (until approved at meeting)
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Meeting called to Order: by Danielle Bethell
Attendance/Roll Call of Members: President, Danielle Bethell; Treasurer, Joe Egli; Secretary, (Temporarily) Lori Nepstad;
Rhonda Brattain, At-Large; Erika Martinez, At-Large; Shannon Shore, At-Large; Scott Kiser was absent.
Guests include: Karen Johnson, LeAnn Tarter, and Ryan Bowlby-Lacrosse Coach.
Old Business: Danielle Bethell
 Approve June Meeting Minutes - Danielle moves to approve the minutes and Joe seconds.
Treasurer Report: Joe Egli
o Profit and loss statements were handed out for the Auction and Turf. He explained that we have $61,149.37 left to raise or $41,149.37 if we can pay this amount back within one year from September 1st.
Committee Reports:
 Banquet Committee Update:
o 2015 Final Numbers/Final Details/Closeout - Lori reported that finals checks still need to be written so closeout will be in the next meeting.
o 2016 Event – Danielle moves to approve next year’s auction to be at McNary Golf Course and Erika seconds.
 Conversation occurred about a need for a board member to be the chairperson of the auction. Danielle nominated Lori, she accepted and was approved by board.
 A budget will be set in advance. Focus for 2016 auction will be 50 years of sports.
 Tent size was discussed. A larger tent is needed. A few details came up, two lines for buffet, speaker location moved, larger screen for display, less focus on seniors.
 Turf Committee Update: Danielle
o Progress- the turf should be ready for Blue Day, August 22nd
 Blue Day – Danielle
o Sponsors – Activities –Needs- There will be 20 teams and groups participating this year. The sponsors are; Thrivent Financial, Bauer Insurance, Olivia Martin, McDonald Orthodontics, Big Town Hero-Keizer and Roth’s.
o Concessions- Rotary Club will donate their time and help with the BBQ. We are estimating to feed 900 people.
o Schedule-The event will run from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on August 22, 2015. Need to make sure Keizer and Statesman Journal attend the event- Leann Tarter will contact media.
o Ribbon Cutting/Stadium Naming- Ribbon cutting at noon, blue ribbon and scissors from Keizer Chamber. We will recognize the 14 major sponsors and hand out a framed picture of the McNary field. This will cost around $ 50.00 per sponsor. Danielle motioned to approve and Shannon second. The stadium will be named during a future football game. Two members of the community will receive this recognition.
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 Fall Craft Bazaar- Erika Martinez
o Contract/Space Cost/Purchasing/Help/Concessions/Food-The Bazaar will be on November 14th, 2015.
This is the first year the Boosters will be running this event and Erika will be the chairperson. Erika handed out last year’s contract and revisions were made to add the upstairs gym. The prices for booths will be $35.00 and $45.00. The $35.00 fee will be for the hall and upstairs gym if needed. $45.00 will be for downstairs gym location. Danielle moves to approve this contract and Joe seconds. Erika will make contact with last year attendees, McNary groups that helped and Big Town Hero. Update at next meeting.
New Business:
 Concessions Going Forward
o Scheduling, Kelley Jo (handout) Kelley Jo will send the schedule out to coaches and organizations for them to sign up for concession duty.
o Buying procedure/authorized buyers – Danielle said that Kevin will not be working on the concession this year. Shannon and LeAnn both volunteered to run the concessions this year. They will both order and pick up food and necessary supplies. Cash and Carry will not approve a credit program so Shannon and LeAnn will purchase with checks. Shannon will need to be added on to concessions account to sign for checks. Shannon will apply for a Food Handlers permit and LeAnn already has one. Joe and Danielle will apply for one too; Rhonda has one and will help.
o Concession’s account will be decreased to $3,000 and the remaining funds will move into the general fund.
Storage-Danielle met with AD and asked about storage under the bleachers at the football field. The space would be divided between concessions, apparel and JROTC. The JROTC have volunteered to help build the unit. Boosters will still keep the space inside the school. Danielle motioned to keep pursuing this idea and Shannon seconds.
 Apparel process
o Selections/ordering/purchasing-Lori talked about prior year purchasing procedures and inventory values on present inventory. The board agreed to reduce prices on items that have been in inventory for two years. All future apparel items would be purchased through All Star Custom Graphics, a Keizer business.
Apparel account will be decreased to $3,000 and the remaining funds will move into the general fund.
o Sport Specific-Erika will meet with coaches and start a new sport specific program. She will also use All Star Custom Graphics and the orders will be by preorder only. Rhonda moves to approve this new program and Shannon seconds.
o Pop up Tents- Two tents will need to be purchased for games, etc. In the past these tents were borrowed. Erika moves to approve the purchase and Joe seconds.
o Volunteers-Board agrees to ask the McNary Business club if they can sell apparel on sporting event nights. They will receive $50.00 per night. Would like to have 3 kids and 2 adults at every event. Lori agreed to set up and help take down on Varsity football games.
 Seasonal Banners: Outside & Inside –
o Lead person needs to be assigned-Rhonda agreed to take on this task. She reported that she will use the baseball form to sell banners outside for use in the football stadium. The cost will be $500.00 and the participating company will provided the banner. After the end of the season these banners are returned to the company. Rhonda will talk to the principal to see if banners can be used inside for events. Rhonda will also ask about selling advertisement on the electronic scoreboard. Rhonda moves to approve and Joe seconds.
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 Website:
o Email addresses – board member contact information
o Website Help- Danielle Gauntz is no longer working on the web site she was paid through the auction. Jason Lewis has been contacted to see if he has time to work on the website. Danielle motioned to move this job to Jason and Erika second.
Good of the Order: Erika and Shannon are selling signs on Blue Day. Each sign will be sold for $ 20.00 and they will be generic. Specific sport signs can be ordered but the minimum order will be 25 signs. Name and jersey numbers can be added to the signs.
After Blue day, teams will be able to go down River Road to sell generic signs for $ 20.00. These signs will be sold to businesses and the participating team will receive $5.00 from each sale. Erika will send out an email to the coaches after Blue Day. Erika motioned to pursue this idea and Danielle second.
o Danielle motioned to appoint Karen to become the new secretary. Karen accepted the position and Shannon second. Lori was the temporary secretary. Lori will now become an at large board member.
o Rhonda asked about setting up a Celtic day of giving back. This will be discussed in the next meeting.
o Joe asked about buying a PO Box address, Rhonda said that in the past this did not work out for the board. Some donators only like to send to the McNary address, a physical address.
o Ryan would like to promote youth and high school lacrosse on Blue Day. Raffle prizes will be: Birthdays at the fire station, oil changes at Oil Can Henry and a Lacrosse toss.
o We also need to pursue the popcorn donation from Blake, Les Schwab Manager.
Upcoming Events:
August 22nd: 4th Annual Blue Day – Contact Danielle Bethell for details: 503.851.8617
Fall: Craft Fair: Nov 14th, Contact Erika Martinez for details: 971.304-8967
Next Meeting:
September 2, 2015: School is not in session @ this time, Location McNary High School Library.
Action Items: