Meeting Date: February 2016
McNary Athletic Booster Club
MINUTES– February 3, 2016 * 6:30PM
McNary High School Library 595 Chemawa Rd N.
DRAFT (until approved at meeting)
Meeting called to Order @: 6:37
Attendance/Roll Call of Members: President, Danielle Bethell Vice President, Scott Kiser Treasurer, Joe Egli (absent) Secretary, Karen Hammerschmith Rhonda Brattain, At-Large (absent) Erika Martinez, At-Large Shannon Shore, At-Large Lori Nepstad, At-Large (absent) Lori Pittenger, At-large
Guests: Ryan Bowlby (LaCrosse coach)
Old Business: Danielle Bethell
 Approve November Meeting Minutes: motion to approve Danielle Bethell, 2nd Erika Martinez  Website: Website is ready to go! Need photos/FB pages from sports/clubs to link on the webpage. Forms will be included on the new website. The server went down in January so any emails sent in January will need to be re-sent. (
New Business:
 Coaches Meeting with AD- a discussion related to club sports came up and the use of booster funds for clubs. A few coaches were concerned that Lacrosse is not held accountable to the same academic standard as other teams. Ryan was asked, he stated he would very much like to enforce academic standards, but has no access to information. Scott Kiser and Danielle B. explained how the bowling league has worked through his with parent waivers. Scott and Ryan will connect and swap information; Ryan will contact Ron Richards and request same access through parent waivers, and being enforcing academic standards as soon as possible.
 Lori Pittenger, New Member, Proposed: Motion to approve – Danielle Bethell, 2nd Scott Kiser. All in favor. Lori will be taking over Apparel from Lori Nepstad and assisting with fall bazaar.
 Adopt An Athlete Funds – Danielle has committed to send regular emails to coaches to remind them that these funds are available. A sign should be put in concessions to remind everyone about this program.
 Girls/Boys Basketball Adopt An Athlete Request – 2 boys basketball players need their athletic fees paid: 1 @ $75, 1 @ 175: motion to approve Lori Pittenger, 2nd Scott Kiser
 1 girl varsity basketball player needs $35 her athletic fee, motion SK, 2nd SS
 Girls/Boys Soccer requests: benches, pop ups, video camera – Danielle:
 AJ Nash would like new benches on the soccer fields, or the old ones fixed. A possible option is metal benches, 6’ bench would be approx $479, an 8’ bench would be approx $536. We will carry this issue forward to the June meeting.
 Soccer is interested in purchasing a video camera that would be shared between both girls/boys programs. Danielle is proposing $600 to purchase this new camera –motion to approve Danielle Bethell, 2nd by Lori Pittenger
 Soccer dugouts/popup tents: $1200 is needed for 4 tents, with logos. Motion to approve- Danielle Bethell, 2nd Shannon Shore.
 Softball Dugouts: Joe 20wx10x dugouts. OldCastle is donating all the concrete. Need to secure several other donations: standing seam roofs, lumber, hinges, etc.. Excavating should start in about a week. Help will be needed to build. Booster club will probably donate around $5000 for this project- hold for March meeting. Lead person is Jason Flores from Celtic Homes.
 Storage Unit (Wheatland rd.) What’s in there/get organized/cleanout - Need to pick a weekend day to go over and go through and organize.
Treasurer Report: Joe Egli
 Banking: Deposits, Cash Out, Receipts: (will visit at March meeting) Approx account funds:
 Concession $8,000.00
 Apparel $7,000.00
 General $16,800.00
 Turf funds- Once matching funds come in from BofA, we’ll be in the black $1,000. That $ is budgeted to be used to make and install a nice plaque/sign at the entrance to the field thanking all that donated. BOD agrees we want to pay off all debts ASAP, including remaining $20,000 to the anonymous lender.
2 major issues arose in the last week: no pad for discus or runway for javelin. Per Bill McNutt, Ron R. should be covering the cost for the discus pad, javelin will likely be painted on each time.
 2015 Tax Letters/I990. The letter didn’t go out with the donation year, just date of letter. Donors can use checks as proof of dated payment, or we can reissue a letter upon request. Joe and Danielle will work on the I-990 in the coming weeks.
Committee Reports:
 Auction Committee Update: Lori N. Auction is moved to Log House Gardens, same day (06/04/2016) @4:30. Regular fee for a Saturday is $4000, they are only charging $2000, donating $2000 back to boosters. Scott White, K’s Catering is the caterer. Selling Golden Tickets (like a raffle), tickets $50 each. Winner has first choice of any Oral Auction item before the Oral Auction starts. Hoping for 300 guests this year. $360 to reserve a table. $500 for Sponsor Tables. All seniors who are pursuing athletics in college will be recognized (not just those who received scholarships athletes). We will need to remind all coaches we need the list of their athletes who this pertains to. 50 Years of Sports is the theme this year.
 Apparel Update: current purchases/costs/revenues/transition of duties - Need to fine tune how many adults are really needed in the booth for selling. Look at the numbers last year and see which games may need higher staffing than others; games we may not need to sell at. Blue Day/TKOB day/Frosh orientation. Looking at several different options for next year. Effective today (02/03/2016) Lori Pittenger is officially in charge of all apparel. After the first track meet we will discuss reducing apparel prices to help reduce inventory, and create room for new items for 2016-17 year. Fall inventory will be ordered and stocked prior to blue day. Board requests to consider are: beanie’s (some with glitter, two toned ), ¾ female zip, lower cost pants, basketball style shorts, different fabric/design sock.
 Team Apparel: Erika Basketball didn’t do much through booster club for team apparel. Soccer came through well. Danielle would like to know what the potential is for the booster club to make money off this project. Maybe we consider not doing it if teams are not interested in our help. Danielle, Lori P. and Erika will meet and discuss options, methods.
 Fall Craft Bazaar: Erika – 2015 Recap – Definite things to work on next year. Spaces need to be bigger (if possible). Lori P committed to assist. Vendor contracts out by June. Must sit down before the end of the year to iron out the particulars; 2016 will be deciding year to continue with or not. Erika needs to work with Jan Moch on securing the gym date.
 Concession: Shannon - Going through menu pricing and items. Reducing popcorn and water prices to $1.00. There must be 2 adults in the concession stand at ALL TIMES. Teams that cannot follow this rule will not be asked to return. Paying closer attention to using the opened product first before opening new to avoid waste. If players in concessions aren’t there to work and are on their phone etc., that may affect the teams potential earnings for that event. Expectations of the students need to be in writing. Purchasing is going well, product is selling well. Want to sell water again at Senior Graduation. Shannon is going to ask Jan if we can make it work better this year. Shannon will ask Les Schwab if they will donate this. Consider opening limited concessions for 8th grade graduation. Need to speak with Jan about this as well.
-Baseball is interested in having concessions during their home games. Softball as well. Need to determine if we can gain access to a golf cart for running orders to softball fields. Speak to Jan about this.
Good of the Order:
-Motion to move $1200 from concession budget to the general fund to support soccer tent purchase- made by Danielle Bethell, 2nd Scott Kaiser
-The blue mats at the end of the gymnasium walls keep falling down. Boosters are willing to take care of purchasing new mats, having them branded with the “M”, and installing brackets and velcro to properly hang them. Danielle has sent an email to Ron about moving this project forward. -The faucet is still not installed in the concession stand. Danielle will follow up with Jan.
Upcoming Events: Spring: Annual ABC Auction: 6/4/16 @ Log House Gardens - Lori Nepstad for details:
Fall: McNary Craft Fair: TBD @ High School Gym - Contact Erika Martinez
Next Meeting: March 2, 2016: McNary High School, Library Adjourned @: 9:06pm Action Items: Highlighted