Meeting Date: July 2014

In attendance:

ABC board members- Rhonda B. President, Leanna C. Treasurer, Stephanie D. Secretary
Others in attendance – Robert Wood MHS Cross country coach, Meridith Pyle MHS Athletic Secretary, Kimmy G. athletic parent, Jennifer S. athletic parent, Mary H. athletic parent, Kevin Witt MHS Softball coach, Derik Handley girls basketball coach:

Rhonda calls meeting to order


Old minutes:

Leanna moves for corrections in meeting minutes from June. Leanna gave a copy of corrections to be made to Stephanie to update and re-send.



Current ABC bank account total $23,632.87

– Coryna to review all transactions for the May auction to ensure accurate amount.

– Leanna to get Derik’s email to get girls basketball monthly summaries to them.

-Cross country currently doesn’t have an account with ABC; he would like to create that.

Leanna makes a motion for a new Cross Country account, Rhonda seconds, Stephanie approves.

Leanna and Rhonda will make sure that get’s updated.

-Track & field didn’t get back to Rhonda about the funds in question during our June meeting.

Leanna will put that money back into the ABC general fund.



-Kevin Witt will be the new ABC concessions manager for inventory and ordering. Thank you Kevin!

There is still a need for a concessions volunteer coordinator, concessions opener and concessions closer.

-Ron H. from rotary talked with Rhonda.  ABC and Rotary would like to have a 3rd Pepsi cooler placed in the ticket booth down by the football field.  We need to get approval from the school.

If no, then we will look into a small cooler under the sink.

Also ABC would like to put up shelves 12′ above sink in outside concessions, this will wait for approval from the school.

-The excess soda concessions have that is soon to expire will be handed off to cheerleading to see if they can sell it at their car wash.

Any other soda left ABC will sell for $1.00.



No news



Coryna and student volunteers did inventory of all apparel. They will get that to Meridith.



-Rhonda and Stephanie trained with Danielle Gauntz on a few web site basics.  We have one more session with Danielle.  After that session ABC will need to complete payment to Danielle.

Once the site is updated ABC will see if we can get help to maintain it.


Other news/events-

-Blue Day August 23rd.  There is a conflict with Pop Werner date. Isaac is working with them to see if football can keep the 23rd. Isaac would like concessions open.

-ABC What event to do next?  Brats & Broo fest October 11th? This will be discussed in the next few months.

-Leanna C. will be resigning from ABC treasurer as of Oct 1,2014. The formal letter is submitted to Rhonda during the July meeting. Leanna has done such good work organizing all of the finances. This should help who ever takes the position over.

McNary ABC is in need of a new treasurer as of October 2014.

ABC would like to find someone before October so they can have a chance to work with Leanna.



We need a chair to handle sponsorships for ABC. We are hoping a community member steps up to this challenge.


Coach requests:

-Fall requests: None received at this time. ABC is hoping coaches get those forms in soon so it can be decided at the next meeting. For request forms contact Rhonda, Leanna, Stephanie, or Coryna.

-Isaac has a request to pay for Jill P. for her work during the football camp in June.

Leanna makes motion to approve $300 for Jill, Stephanie seconds, Rhonda approves. Leanna will make out the check.

Rhonda thanks everyone for their attendance and makes a motion to close the meeting, Leanna seconds, Stephanie approves.