Meeting Date: June 2015
McNary Athletic Booster Club
Agenda - June 3, 2015 * 6:30PM
McNary High School – Student Connection Center: Next to Library
DRAFT (until approved at meeting)
Meeting called to Order by Danielle Bethell
Attendance/Roll Call of Members: President, Danielle Bethell Vice President, Scott Kiser
Treasurer, Joe Egli Secretary, (Temporarily) Lori Nepstad
Rhonda Brattain, At-Large Erika Martinez, At-Large
Guests: Shannon Shore, Bill McNutt, and Kevin Witt.
Old Business: Danielle Bethell
 Approve May Meeting Minutes –Joe moves to approve the minutes and Rhonda seconds.
Treasurer Report: Joe Egli –He is the new treasurer and will work on the account reports for each sub account. Board members and Joe will go to the bank to sign bank cards with him so he can sign checks, etc. He will create checks for the expenses from the ABC Auction and send out.
Committee Reports:
 Banquet Committee Update: Lori Nepstad & Mary Holt are the co-chairs for the Auction. Lori was in attendance and reported from Greater Giving the auction made $44,000. Expenses will be paid out and money still coming in from this night. It would be nice to know what expenses and income was made from the 2014 auction.
 Turf Committee Update: Danielle & Rhonda are on this committee. Danielle reported receiving a $16,000 check from an anonymous donor; $25,000 check from Silverton Health and Providence; Windsor Rock Products will donate $51,930 for rocks and will receive a logo on the visitor side. Bill reported a pledge from All City Paving for $15,000 and if the board receives the pledge in return they will have a logo on the McNary side. There is also a pledge from Loren’s Sanitation & Service for $2,500. Duncan Construction is donating all labor during the construction. It was noted that Ron Hudkins (Locke Engineering) and Nate Cooke (Duncan Const.) are past McNary graduates who are helping out with this project.
Bill McNutt member from the turf committee reported that two positions have been assigned. Bill McNutt will be the Project Manager. Bill McCall and Nate Cooke are the Construction Managers. *Scott moved to approve these positions and Joe seconds.
 Blue Day – Danielle reported that August 22, 2015 will be Blue day. Thrivent Financial is the main sponsor. Other sponsors will be: American Family Insurance, Moles Appliance, Bauer Insurance & CanStaff Employment.
The BBQ lunch will cost $4.00 for a ticket; the concession stand will be open selling pop, candy and popcorn-rotary will be handling the concession stand. The McNary youth players from each sport or group will receive a BBQ ticket and everyone else will pay. Rotary Club will be in charge of the BBQ area.
The following groups will be invited to attend: Band, Soccer, Lacrosse, JROTC, Football, McNary Youth Football, Boys & Girls Club, Pop Warner.
After all costs are paid then the total money raised on Blue day will be divided among these groups and teams.
McNary Athletic apparel will be sold on this day. The committee is looking for a group to volunteer for face painting. More ideas and events will be included on this day.
If you would like to volunteer your time for this event please contact Danielle Bethell.
New Business:
 Bylaws—Rhonda moves to approve and Scott seconds.
 2014-15 Concession Sales: Rhonda reported that coaches signed up last year for duty but the spring time was slow for volunteers. The football team needs to be more involved and sign up for concession days. Over $8,000 was made last year by the different teams and groups at McNary. $75.00 minimum or 30% of total sales during the event is given to the team or groups that signs up for the concession day.
 Concessions
o Scheduling- Kelley Jo opened and closed the concession stand all year. She reports one hour before the game and closes after the game or event. She is working on a schedule of volunteers for this season. There needs to be at least one person with a food handler’s permit in the stands at all times.
o Buying procedure/authorized buyers – Kevin Witt was the purchaser last year and will also volunteer his time this year. He purchases a lot of product from Cash & Carry. Danielle and Joe will see if they can set up an account with Cash & Carry. Kevin also reported that he is working on new items and candy to sell for each season. Kevin will also ask Don Poncho for a donation of Chips for the nachos. This was a donation received last year. Rhonda inquired about getting Reser to donate frozen burritos. A hot water dispenser needs to be replaced in the outside concession stand or another manner to have hot water. Very important during the season for hot chocolate and instant noodles.
 Apparel process
o Current buying procedure, inventory accountability – Lori Nepstad has purchased apparel items for the last two years and will volunteer her time this year. Leanne Chapin will donate a storage unit again this year at Keizer Storage.
Inventory will need to be conducted soon along with separating sizes of items into each tub. Moving the tubs is heavy and labor intensive. Last year the JROTC would volunteer their time to help. A new storage area would be better instead of the teachers’ lounge. This will be looked at in another meeting.
In the past, the booster club would purchase left over items from the football team and sell at the booth. This will stop during the 2015/2016 season so we do not have as much inventory of football items. In the past, new apparel items were talked about during monthly meetings and then purchased by Lori. Items were not voted on because of timing issues but this may change for the 2015/2016 season. Last year was the first year we added basketball items to the inventory. This was voted on by the board and sold during the basketball season. We have left over socks and a small assortment of basketball shirts and sweatshirts. Socks are generic and will be sold during the 2015/2016 apparel season and also voted on by the board as an item they would like to carry year round. New items will need to be purchased for Blue Day and this will be voted on at the next meeting.
The board talked about all the different parent groups that purchase items from local print shops. This will not change because they work with businesses but it creates slower sales if the items are comparable.
 Meeting Date/Time – Danielle said that the first Wednesday of each month will be the Booster meeting at 6:30; the library at McNary will be the location of the meeting.
 Candy Bouquets – Meredith or Danielle—Danielle reported that the candy bouquets will be sold at the Whitaker and Clagget Creek Middle School graduations held at McNary High School. They will use left-over candy and cups that are no longer being used this year. Left over water and pop will be sold for $2.00. Water donated from Kadells and Big Town Hero.
 Seasonal Banners: Outside & Inside – Danielle reported she has been asked from business/sponsors wanting their logo on banners at the school.
Rhonda reported that 10 X 5 banners in the baseball field are $500 for the first year and $300 for renewal.
Signs in the football area are $500 for a 10 x 3 sign and they are put up along the side fence.
Keizer Time has a 10 X 3 sign for $1,000 for two years.
More information on this subject will be brought up at the next meeting.
 Website:
Email addresses – board member contact information will be included on the web site. Scott motioned to approve five new emails and Rhonda seconds. The cost will be $96.00.
Danielle Gauntz is the board’s web site manager. She was renewed for six months at a cost of $30.00 a month. Danielle Bethell will meet with Danielle G. to discuss changes and updates.
Good of the Order: *Danielle motioned for Shannon Shore to be a member at large and Scott seconds it.
Upcoming Events:
August 22nd: 4th Annual Blue Day – Contact Danielle Bethell for details: 503.851.8617
Fall: Craft Fair: Date TBD, Contact Erika Martinez for details: 971.304-8967
Action Items:
Blue Day: Sponsors need to be Billed Apparel: Inventory needs to be done. Purchasing items – how will this be done going forward?
Socks will these be an annual item? Storage space needs to be determined. Sport specific purchases – how will this work?
Concessions: Chips –Kevin looking into this. Who’s looking into burrito donation? Hot water needs to be addressed (new hot water dispenser OR??)
Banners: More sponsor banners need to be brought in – who will be in charge of this? Website: Regular updates need to be made – who will assist Danielle with this?
Adjourn: 9:10pm
Next Meeting: August 5, 2015 at 6:30 at the Keizer Chamber office.