Meeting Date: October 2015
McNary Athletic Booster Club
MINUTES – October 7, 2015 * 6:30PM
McNary High School- Library 595 Chemawa Rd N.
Meeting called to Order @: 6:34
Attendance/Roll Call of Members: President, Danielle Bethell Vice President, Scott Kiser (excused) Treasurer, Joe Egli Secretary, Karen Hammerschmith Rhonda Brattain, At-Large Erika Martinez, At-Large Shannon Shore, At-Large Lori Nepstad, At-Large
Guests: Ron Richards (AD), Erik Jespersen (Principal), Renee Liner (football), Ron Kirch (basketball), Eric Fox (cheer), Kelly Fox (cheer)
Eric & Kelly Fox attended the meeting to see how to go about selling soups/bread etc at the games. Would need approval from McNary administration and the District. Proposal would begin with Ron Richards (AD).
Old Business: Danielle Bethell
 Approve September Meeting Minutes Motion to approve by Rhonda Brattain, 2nd by Shannon Shore (all in favor)
 Ron Kirch approached Booster club with a proposal to pay for a tournament in December. Motion to approve proposal by Danielle Bethell, 2nd by Erika Martinez
 Girls basketball submitted request for 10 basketballs. Motion to approve (if Ron doesn’t purchase them) by Danielle Bethell, 2nd by Joe Egli
New Business:
 Outside Scoreboard & Booster Storage Project –Ron Richards - Drilling for new scoreboard 10/08, updating and cleaning up old scoreboard to be done. Between Friday and homecoming scoreboard should be moved. Wiring is ready.
No word back on the storage project yet
Softball dugouts are back on the list to be done
 Turf Project Manager – Project Status, Position Duties/Understanding, Payment – Danielle/Joe
Overall consensus is not totally satisfied with the job performed by Bill McNutt. Are there any grounds to lower his agreed pay of $20,000? There is no actual contract. It is agreed to go to the Field Turf Committee to ask them to review the issues and decide whether or not to pay Bill the $8,000 still owed to him. Joe will email the committee and get their feedback. Part of Bill’s responsibility was fund raising, which does not appear to be happening as he feels he is done with the project. The agreement between Bill, John Honey, and Erik Jespersen needs to be reviewed. No need for a vote at this point.
 School Projects (Booster club paid $7,000 to Bill McNutt on behalf of the school to begin the turf project. The school agreed to in turn pay for a few needed items: 1) sink for inside concessions, 2) display case for trophies and 3) fan install in outside concession stand. Danielle will follow up on these.) – Danielle
Jan and Ron met today. Friday Ron will work on these projects with Jan. Not sure if he needs to submit additional work orders. CraigsCo is re-bidding for the sink (same bid as before). Rhonda will forward the bid to Ron Richards (AD) to get project completed.
Need new cabinet guy for the display case. Danielle will find new cabinet guy and forward info to Ron Richards.
Fan installation: District looked at work order and approved it if Booster Club or Rotary was doing the installation. Apparently we can just go ahead and install the fan (either Booster or Rotary)
Committee Reports:
o Banquet Committee Update: -2015 Final Numbers/Final Details/Closeout (rolled over from Sept meeting) - Lori - Total earned $43,967.00 (per Greater Giving)/ 500 thank you postcards: Lori has checked at Staples, but will check Costco, VistaPrint, and Snapfish for possible less expensive options/Joe Egli motions that Lori has $105 max to order thank you postcards. 2nd by Danielle Bethell
o 2016 Event- Secure venue contract, tent size, budget - Lori found AA Tent Company that will rent a tent @ 48 cents a square foot. $1.30 per foot for the sides. Before we contract with AA Tent Co Lori will have a discussion with David @ McNary Restaurant
o Concessions-Shannon Shore - Update Concessions going well. Encourage coaches to follow the schedule and be flexible. AirHeads have been added. Caramel Apple suckers will be removed. Pretzels sold well.
o Turf Committee: Danielle - Thank you’s, Keizertimes Ad - Danielle will hand write thank you’s to every sponsor/donor and get them out as soon as complete list is compiled. Sbe will also create a Full page ad in the KeizerTimes to thank all sponsors involved, depending on cost. Danielle will talk to KT to get a price.
 Apparel Update- current purchases/costs/revenues -Lori Nepstad - Lori needs to order more sweatshirts and glitter hats.
o Business students helping sell – Erika - Doesn’t look like Business students will be helping. Girls’ soccer will be helping instead.
o Seasonal Banners-Rhonda Brattain - Status Update Two new banners sold. Brattain International and V2 Dentistry
o Team Apparel-Erika Martinez -Update $11,000 sold so far. Booster club gets 40% of the profit, the specific teams get 60% of the profit. Want to get the order forms out for Winter sports by 11/01/2015.
 Fall Craft Bazaar- Erika Martinez
o Status Update/Help/Concessions/Food 117 spots at the bazaar, 41 already filled as of today. Erika is getting 5-6 emails a day from people interested in being a vendor. There is a play going on the same day as the bazaar. Facility fee was waived, but janitor fee was not. Erika is looking for volunteers to janitor so we don’t have to pay that fee.
Big Game Athletics Expenses: Rhonda has several old invoices that appear to be for the football program. There is a 08/29/2013 invoice where Meredith ordered $1,765.00 worth of merchandise for Coach Parker (football). Possibly try to recover some of the monies from Ron (AD). Maybe find some of the merchandise and sell it? One option, coordinate with Big Game to make payments since our students were not the recipients of the gear. Another option to have Big Game prove that these invoices truly are the Booster Club’s responsibility. Draw up contracts between the Booster Club and coaches that they are personally responsible for items they order.
Treasurer Report: Joe Egli
 Banking: Deposits, Cash Out, Receipts We’re getting better at giving Joe information in a timely manner
 Square use. Company. Cost. Square’s policy has changed and now we are charged $250, but that amount is reimbursed from Square (for the first square only). Joe only ordered one square due to the change. This new square has a chip reader on it. Lori will put some sort of identifying mark on this new square.
 Turf funds-Outstanding Costs-Funds still needed - Outstanding amount $23,166.05. Booster Club is paying half of the amount to re-do Thrivent and Celtic Home’s logos. Rotary Club and Olivia Martin were promised the same spot on the field. We are working on a solution to make all parties happy.
 Contingency Funds: Vote from Sept mtg regarding ½ of contingency to turf, rest to Gf for program needs.
Good of the Order: Amazon Smile – Erika has confirmed we already had an account on Amazon Smile and will put the link on the Booster Club’s FaceBook page and the web page.
Upcoming Events:
Fall: McNary Craft Fair: Nov 14th @ High School Gym - Contact Erika Martinez: Spring: Annual ABC Auction: 6/4/16 @ McNary Golf Course - Lori Nepstad for details:
Next Meeting: November 4, 2015: McNary High School, Cafeteria Adjourned @: 8:32