Meeting Date: September 2014

McNary Athletic Booster Club
Meeting Date: September 2014
Meeting Location: McNary High School Library

PRESENT: Rhonda Brattain President, Scott Kiser Vice President, Stephanie Duncan Secretary, Leanna Chapin Treasurer, Coryna Hudgins Board member.

Guests: Major R. Garcia JROTC, Austin Chapin parent, Kevin Wise Softball coach , Kevin Witt softball coach, Jennifer Sader parent, Master Sargent Robbie Ellis JROTC, Lori Nepstad parent (apparel), Christine West parent, Susan Ridgeway parent, Haley W. Student Captain Cheer, Sofia C. Student Cheer Captain, Danielle Betthel Rotary member,  Kimmy Garibay parent.



The meeting was called to order by Rhonda Brattain.



Rhonda moved to approve the minutes of the (August 2014) meeting. The motion was seconded by Leanna. The minutes were accepted as presented.



-A check received on Blue Day bounced for ABC apparel. Also a check bounced for the McNary football team on Blue Day. Due to the bounced checks ABC will discuss the possibility of no longer accept checks. This will be discussed at tonight’s executive session.

-ABC Balance: August  $21,984.65.



-Don Poncho will be donating chips to ABC’s concession thanks to Rhonda B. and Kevin Witt.

-Rotary has some changes they would like to have boosters make in the outside concessions.

Board members will review the email during tonight’s executive session and make changes if appropriate.

-Rhonda a makes motion for an AC unit in outside concessions.  Approximate pricing is $299-399.  Leanna seconds, all board members approved.

-Tara Kiser has accepted volunteer coordination for concessions.  Kelly Jo will assist in opening.

ABC is hoping a 3rd person will volunteer as a back up opener for concessions.

-Thursday inside concessions may not open due electrical issue not being corrected yet.  Bruce

Lathers head of Salem Keizer school district maintenance will be looking into this.



-ABC purchased Football gear from McNary FB team that ABC will sell at home games.

-Lori ordered some more items to be sold. After the next football game, inventory will be taken to see if even more items need to be purchased to sell.

-ABC needs someone to coordinate scheduling of game day volunteers. Coryna H. may be able to take this on.



Rotary – Danielle B. will put in a request for Rotary to put half the money down for AC in outside concession and let us know the outcome.

–ABC asks what Keizer Rotary does with the money they earn at football home games in concessions. Danielle stated that half the money goes to McNary’s school account for all manner of school needs. The other half goes towards Keizer Rotary giving fund.

Turf-Dennis our attorney will look over the turf approval agreement before ABC signs.

ABC Website-
Stephanie moves for $30.00 a month Danielle G. will host our website. Scott seconds, all board members approve.

-The $25.00 to show your support on the McNary football home game rosters is going well per Rhonda. She continues to receive calls from people asking to be added.

-McNary Cheer team represented today by Haley W. and Sofia C. would like sponsorships for pre-game food for students (cheer, band, football…).  Coryna moves for ABC to do advertising in-kind for donations to cheer. Cheer will be responsible for procuring the food or money towards the food.  Rhonda seconds, all board members approve.

Haley and Sofia are giving contact information for Coryna, Jennifer, and Kimmy in hopes they may be able to provide guidance in getting the procurement process going. Also, ABC will give receipts for cheer to use in donations $100 and up for the advertising.

Rhonda moves to reimburse Cindy Rosscup for decorations used at the annual booster club dinner.  Scott seconds, all board members approve.



JROTC drill team represented today by Rob & Robbie need funds for arm drill accessories.  Total requested $2,500.00. They gave a copy of items requested and amounts to ABC board member.

Board members will discuss and vote on at tonight’s executive session.

JROTC needs an answer before November 2014.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Duncan – Secretary