Meeting Date: September 2015
McNary Athletic Booster Club
Agenda – September 2, 2015 * 6:30PM
McNary High School- Library 595 Chemawa Rd N.
DRAFT (until approved at meeting)
Meeting called to Order: @ 6:38 by Danielle Bethell
Attendance/Roll Call of Members: President, Danielle Bethell Vice President, Scott Kiser Treasurer, Joe Egli Secretary, Karen Hammerschmith Rhonda Brattain, At-Large Erika Martinez, At-Large Shannon Shore, At-Large Lori Nepstad, At-Large
Guests present: Lori Pittinger (football), Shawna Toavs (football)
Old Business: Danielle Bethell
 Approve August Meeting Minutes approved by Danielle Bethell, 2nd by Scott Kiser. All in favor
Treasurer Report: Joe Egli
 Banking: Deposits, Cash Out, Receipts - Joe needs to be advised daily of all transactions. Joe doesn’t necessarily need copies of checks, but does need the detail of who/what/why.
 Square use. Company. Cost. - A new general fund square account has been created. 2.75% is the fee, it’s more if the card is manually entered. Joe will order 8 new squares.
 Account notifications from charge person: purchases/deposits
Committee Reports:
 Banquet Committee Update:
o 2015 Final Numbers/Final Details/Closeout - Lori final – this will roll to next meeting
o 2016 Event- Secure venue contract, tent size, budget Confirmed date 6/4/2016 @ McNary Restaurant/golf course. Most of committee coming back. Need to nail down the tents – we have many leads. Get bids from several companies
o Adopt an athlete: Do we need parameters? How do we let the coaches know? Need to establish parameters jointly with AD. Maybe have the recipients work the concession stand to earn the money
o Paddle raise: $8,650 – list of donors given to Joe
 Turf Committee Update: Danielle/Joe
 Progress/Outstanding costs/funds needed: Turf is done!!! There is one issue (slight pothole: NE 40) that may work itself out with the rain. Taking a wait & see approach – this has been noted on fieldturf forms for future reference if needed. We have ordered extra signs about what is and is not allowed on the turf. Need to inquire about purchasing a new machine to maintain the turf – the machine the District owns is not adequate for our turf. $2,500 to move the scoreboard (Salem Sign). Looking for a bid for a new scoreboard - $32,000 is what we’re looking at now. Sponsors would be showcased on the board for the lifetime of the scoreboard. The discus area has not been installed, but Duncan Construction will come in before track season begins and finish that. $42,311.65 we owe on the turf loan. Asking for $1 at the gate at each game to go toward turf
 % of all areas through end of 2016 vs. use of general funds: $25,000 contingency has been committed from the general fund – cannot be spent until 10/01/2015. Motion made by Scott Kiser: take $12,500 of that contingency fund and put toward the turf on 10/01/2015. 2nd by Erika Martinez. All in favor
 Blue Day Update– Danielle
Went great! SJ article was fantastic. Keizertimes has a full page of photos but nothing on the turf ribbon cutting, etc.. Contact Bill at SJ about attending first home game. $1,500 in new sponsors. Made $1,000 on the bbq. Make sure next year to push the 50/50 raffle. The $1,500 from new sponsors to go to the turf.
 Fall Craft Bazaar- Erika Martinez
o Help/Concessions/Food/Status Update Lots of responses on vendors – don’t have exact number yet. AVID and JROTC may help. Fee waiver signed by Eric. Confusion about whether or not we need to go through the district or just McNary to rent the facility. Date = 11/14/2015 in all gyms (only left upper gym). Still need to contact Big Town Hero. Erika will follow up with the district
 Concessions-Shannon Shore
o Update costs/Pepsi/schedule/purchasing/Needs Spent a little over $1,200 for blue day. Very little information available from the people who bought last year. Low on Diet Pepsi, but plenty of extra to carry forward. Due to Pepsi’s delivery snafu, Pepsi is donating 16 24-packs of pop. Kelly Jo is handling scheduling. Purchasing/need forms are working well. Now have powerstrips and 2 coffee makers. Need to get more end of day tally sheets
o Inside Concessions Needs none besides the microwaves
 Apparel-Lori Nepstad
o Taking Care of business/blue day/status update Raised over $5,000 on blue day. TKOB day over $2,000. Sold almost all the back stock. Ordered a lot more product. Erika looking into face tattoos. Low on socks, need to order more.
o Business students helping sell – Erika Lomax will get back with Erika this week
 Team Apparel-Erika Martinez
o Update Working with All Star Custom Graphics. Keep the base price the same as general apparel; increase the price by $7 to add name and #.
 Seasonal Banners-Rhonda Brattain
o Status Update All profits from the banners will go into the general account.
 Website-Danielle Bethell Jason Lewis is interested in helping create a Booster Club website. The District is paying $25,000 for a website that we should be able to tap into, including apparel sales.
New Business:
 Outside Scoreboard –Danielle/Joe Talked about above
 General Fund 2015/16 purchases Danielle sending email to coaches
 Amazon Funds – Erika Shop through, 5% of those purchases are given back to McNary ABC. Need to promote this Danielle Bethell made a motion for Erika to create a smileamazon account. 2nd by Scott Kiser. All in favor
Good of the Order: Need to put a thank you to all turf sponsors in the KeizerTimes. All in attendance approved this. Danielle has a large amount of thank you cards, wants to put together a “thank you card writing party” to hand write thank you cards for all who donated. This will be planned in the next 2 weeks hopefully.
Scott Kiser made a motion for $10 of each Celtic Support sign go toward the turf, and the other $10 go toward the cost of the sign. 2nd by Shannon Shore.
Booster Club has been invited to the first pep assembly on 09/18/2015.
Booster club paid $7,000 to Bill McNutt on behalf of the school to begin the turf project. The school agreed to in turn pay for a few needed items: 1) sink for inside concessions, 2) display case for trophies and 3) fan install in outside concession stand. Danielle will follow up on this.
Upcoming Events:
Fall: Craft Fair: Nov 14th, Contact Erika Martinez for details: 971.304-8967 Spring: Annual Auction, 06/04/2016, Lori Nepstad for details:
Action Items:
o Joe order 8 new squares for purchases
o Get quotes for auction tent.
o Set adopt an athlete guidelines. Danielle work with AD on specifics of funding requests.
o Danielle work with fieldturf on Thrivent & Celtic homes logos
o Rhonda set up $1 ask at gate for all home games, $ to turf
o Erika contacting big town hero regarding fall bazaar food
o Shannon order more end of day sales sheets for concessions
o Erika working with business students to run apparel
o Danielle send email to to all coaches notifying funds available (10/1) need requests
o Danielle/Rhonda- Thank you in Keizertimes for turf. Thank you’s written and sent out to donors
Next Meeting:
October 7, 2015: McNary High School, Library @ 6:30
Adjourn: @ 8:46